happenings this month Dubai Hills Mall Launches First Ever Street Fest!
Dubai Hills Mall Launches First Ever Street Fest!
Updated on 06 September 2022

Dubai Hills Mall is set to host the first edition of the Street Fest.

Held from 7 September to 2 October throughout the week apart from Mondays and Tuesdays, the festival will bring amazing performances, captivating musicians and fun activities, to life.

The mall will be decorated with indoor plant installations and will host 20 days of activations, with 13 performers showcasing their skills in unicycling, juggling, French mime, breakdancing and more.

Music will set the ambience with guitarists, saxophonists, hand pan players and jazz trios playing.

Additionally, a caricaturist will capture guests into the cartoon version of themselves and a face painter will let you transform into a creation of your choice.

For more information, visit the Dubai Hills Mall website or download the app.

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