dining whats on Savour The Flavors Of Middle East At These Middle Eastern Restaurants
Savour The Flavors Of Middle East At These Middle Eastern Restaurants
Updated on 06 November 2023

Dubai is renowned as a cultural melting pot, boasting an array of world cuisines, including Pan Asian, Japanese, Korean, Nepalese, Italian, and many others. However, if there's one culinary experience you shouldn't miss in Dubai, it's Middle Eastern cuisine. This cuisine is celebrated for its fragrant spices, sumptuous flavours, and slow-cooked dishes, making it a beloved choice not only in Dubai but also across the GCC region.

From delectable kebabs to mouthwatering baklava, doner kebabs, mulukhiyah, and more, Middle Eastern cuisine offers tons of choices that will tantalise your taste buds. If reading about it has already stirred your appetite, Discover Dubai has excellent recommendations for you. 

Arabian Tea House

The Arabian Tea House, located across Dubai, not only boasts charming and quaint interior decor but also stands out for offering some of the finest Middle Eastern cuisine in the city. It holds the distinction of being the first authentic Emirati restaurant since 1997. While the captivating blue and white aesthetics will mesmerise you, the food served here will satisfy your heart and appetite. For breakfast, you must try the special Emirati Breakfast Tray, which includes delectable offerings like Baleet, Khameer bread, dates, and more. Additionally, the Grilled Halloumi and Balaleet with Omelet are excellent choices to start your day. For lunch, Laham Machboos and Biryani Deyay won't disappoint. And if you're in the mood for snacks, indulge in their Arabian Tea House Special Wrap and Falafel Wrap for a delightful treat.


Abd El Wahab

Situated in Souk Al Bahar, Abd El Wahab proudly celebrates its Lebanese heritage and has garnered a reputation for delivering authentic Lebanese cuisine. While the restaurant excels in offering the authentic tastes of Lebanon, its menu also presents a diverse array of mouthwatering Middle Eastern dishes. Indulge in delectable options such as Foul Medammas, Potato Harra, Chicken Fatteh, Shish Taouk, Lamb Cutlets, and other flavourful offerings. And for desserts, Cheese Knefe and Baklawa mix will leave your taste buds thoroughly satisfied.


Ibn Al Bahr

Nestled within Club Vista Mare on Palm Jumeirah, Ibn Al Bahr stands out as a renowned Lebanese seafood restaurant in Dubai, celebrated for its offerings of fresh and delectable seafood. The restaurant provides spectacular beachfront views, making it the ideal atmosphere for a memorable dining occasion. For food, Ibn Al Bahr offers an array of delectable dishes such as Hummus Al Bahr, Fish Kabab, Shish Tawouk Platter, Golden Fried Breaded Shrimp, and Loubye b Zeit. For seafood enthusiasts, the catch of the day is a must-try, available in various preparations to cater to diverse tastes.


Bait Maryam 

Nestled in Cluster D, JLT, the MICHELIN Bib Gourmand restaurant known as Bait Maryam is a genuine hub for Middle Eastern comfort cuisine. When dining there, indulge in a delightful array of dishes that truly capture the essence of Middle Eastern comfort food. Start your culinary journey with the Maryam Salad, Labne, Muhamara, Manakeesh, Spinach Fatayer, and Cheese Burek, all of which promise a symphony of flavours. As for dessert, treat yourself to the exquisite Umm Ali and Kunafa Kheshne. These dishes tantalise your taste buds, and the restaurant's ambience will envelop you in a cosy, homey atmosphere, leaving your heart and soul satisfied.


Al Safadi

Al Safadi, with a legacy of Lebanese dining expertise since the 2000s, has established itself as a prominent Lebanese culinary destination across Dubai. When you dine at Al Safadi, you embark on a gastronomic journey that transports you to the charming streets of Lebanon. Their menu boasts a delectable array of Lebanese delights, including must-try dishes like Grilled Halloumi, Eggs with Meat, Cheese Majouka, Seasoned Lamb Tongues, and the Falafel Plate. If you have a penchant for biryani, don't miss the opportunity to savour their Stuffed Lamb Biryani. For Shawarma enthusiasts, the Mixed Shawarma Platter is a definite treat. To conclude your dining experience on a sweet note, indulge in the delightful flavours of Halawet El Jebben. 


Sah El Nom

Sah el nom, a culinary gem with locations across Dubai, presents an authentic Syrian and oriental dining experience infused with a modern twist. Established in 2017, this restaurant offers a diverse range of Manakesh that are a must-try.  Indulge in options like Cheese Folded with Soujok, Cheese with Muhammara, and Za'atar with fresh vegetables for a delightful Manakesh experience. If you have a penchant for cold mezze, savour their Baba Ghanouj. When it comes to hot mezze, don't miss the Mfaraket Mushroom with Meat and Fattet Makdous. For the main course, their grilled dishes, including Kabab Eggplant and Lamb Chops, are bound to captivate your palate. Sah el nom offers a truly memorable culinary journey that combines tradition with contemporary flair.


Al Nafoorah

Al Nafoorah, an acclaimed restaurant, beckons with the promise of exquisite Lebanese cuisine served in a lavish setting at Madinat Jumeirah's Al Qasr hotel. Here, you can savour the authentic culinary creations of Chef Ali Fouad amidst opulent surroundings, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the iconic Burj Al Arab from the terrace. When dining at Al Nafoorah, indulge in an array of dishes, including Lubia Bil Zaite, Al Nafoorah Hummus, Batata Harrah, Samak Bizri, and Grilled Sujouk, among others. To conclude your meal on a sweet note, the Lebanese Fruit Platter awaits, ensuring a truly memorable dining experience that combines the flavours of Lebanon with a touch of luxury.


Bab Al Mansour

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Dubai, Bab Al Mansour invites you to partake in a regal dining experience within its palatial surroundings. With an emphasis on authenticity, it serves up Moroccan cuisine crafted from over 70 sourced Moroccan ingredients, transporting you back to the grandeur of the 14th-century Marinid dynasty. From the exquisite cutlery to the opulent ambience, every aspect of Bab Al Mansour exudes an air of royalty. When it comes to their culinary offerings, don't miss out on the Grilled Chicken, Grilled Spicy Beef, Kofta Skewers, Baghrir, Harcha, and other Moroccan delights. The flavours on offer are a true testament to the richness of Moroccan cuisine. 


Al Beiruti

Nestled in Umm Al Sheif, The Palm, Al Beiruti offers a delightful taste of Beirut in its decor and cuisine. While its interior exudes a sensory experience that immerses you in Lebanese culture, it is the food that takes centre stage. When dining at Al Beiruti, try their delectable offerings, including Eggs and Sujouk, Foul Medammas, Al Beiruti Kebbe, Beef Sambousik, Grilled Kebbe Skewers, and a variety of other enticing options. For dessert, savour the exquisite Ghazal Al Beiruti dessert. Al Beiruti promises a culinary journey that captures the essence of Beirut in every bite.



Nestled in Al Manara, Mama’esh offers a wholesome culinary experience that captures the heart and soul of Palestinian cuisine. Here, you won't encounter any frozen ingredients; instead, they take pride in using only fresh halal meats and bread crafted from organic flour. The atmosphere exudes warm and inviting homely vibes, making it the perfect setting to savour their delectable dishes. Don't miss out on Lamb Sajjeyeh, Potato and Chicken Tray, Palestinian Foul Medammas, Palestinian Musakhan Chicken Rolls, Minced Meat and Cheese Fatayer, and Laham Bil Ajeen. For those with a sweet tooth, the Oven Baked Nabulsi Kunafa Rolls are an absolute must-try. 



Situated in the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek, Shabestan has been a beloved destination for authentic Persian cuisine for nearly three decades. With a rich cultural heritage and a menu that tantalizes taste buds with bold and exotic flavours, indulge in a feast of succulent grilled specialities, including Juje Kabas, Chelo Sultani, and Shandiz. You can also savour traditional favourites like Baghli Polo Ba Mahicheh and Ghalieh Mahi, all served alongside flavourful saffron rice. The flavours at Shabestan are sure to delight your senses and leave you with a memorable dining experience.


Bayt Al Wakeel 

Nestled in Bur Dubai along the creek, Bayt Al Wakeel offers a tranquil vista of the traditional abras and the charm of old Dubai. Here, you can relish a delightful fusion of seafood, Arabic cuisine, and all-day snacks. The restaurant boasts an inviting ambiance and a delectable menu. Savour the Baby Hammour Grilled, Spinach Sambousek, Fish Basket, and the Wakeel Special Mixed Grill, all of which promise a symphony of flavours. For those with a sweet tooth, the Banana Split is an absolute must-try dessert. Bayt Al Wakeel combines picturesque surroundings with mouthwatering dishes for a memorable dining experience.


Al Hadheerah 

Set amidst the enchanting Bab Al Shams resort, Al Hadheerah is an open-air desert restaurant that offers a captivating Arabian theatre of open-air dining and live entertainment. Rooted in the rich tapestry of ancient and diverse Arabic cultures, it promises a truly unique experience. At Al Hadheerah, you can savour authentic Middle Eastern cuisine prepared at live cooking stations. Indulge in the heady aromas and distinctive flavours of signature hot mezze, expertly seasoned kebabs, flame-grilled seafood, and tender lamb ouzi, all cooked in desert tradition. To conclude your meal on a sweet note, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the speciality of sticky date pudding. Al Hadheerah offers a magical desert dining experience that is truly unforgettable.


Wafi Gourmet 

Situated within Dubai Mall, Wafi Gourmet stands as a Lebanese culinary expert, celebrated for its commitment to the art of Lebanese cuisine. Enriched with the finest Lebanon-originated products, meticulously selected for their superior quality, taste, and appearance, Wafi Gourmet offers an exceptional dining experience. When dining at Wafi Gourmet, try dishes such as Foul Moudamas, Kebbeh Meat, Kabab Halabi, and the Meat Shawarma Plate, among other delectable options. It's a true culinary journey that captures the essence of Lebanon, whether you're indulging in a meal or exploring ingredients in the souq.


Al Fanar 

Spread across various locations in Dubai, Al Fanar Restaurant offers a unique experience by transporting its guests back to the nostalgic ambience of 1960s Emirati culture, all while serving up the authentic flavours of Emirati cuisine. Don't miss out on their culinary delights, including Shakshooka, Machboos Rice, Tandoor Tray, Hobool, Jawaney Deyay, Koftat Samak, and more. However, Al Fanar, is not just a place for exceptional food; it also doubles as a mini-museum where visitors, including tourists and the younger generation, can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Emirati culture and heritage. It's a culinary journey and cultural exploration rolled into one, making it a truly memorable experience.


Al Iwan

Nestled on the first floor of the iconic Burj Al Arab, Al Iwan embodies luxury and opulence in every aspect. This Arabic restaurant not only boasts a chic and lavish ambience but also presents quintessential Arabian delicacies at their finest. When dining at Al Iwan, be sure to savour their culinary offerings, including the Grilled Lamb Reyash, Kebab Halabi, Fattoush, Baba Ganoush, and for seafood enthusiasts, the indulgent Mixed Seafood Platter is a must-try. Al Iwan promises a dining experience of exquisite flavours within an extravagant setting. 


Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant provides a captivating journey back in time, inviting you to savour the authentic Emirati flavours in Dubai. Situated in the historic Al Fahidi district, this culturally-conscious dining establishment offers a delightful glimpse into tradition. It's more than just a cosy spot for a meal; it's a place where you can immerse yourself in the bygone days of Dubai. At Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant, make sure to indulge in dishes like Chicken Shawarma Sambousa, Hyderabadi Biryani, Al Khayma Bedouin Lamb Kebab, Al Khayma Seafood Maragat, and conclude your hearty meal on a sweet note with Ferni Emirati Rice Pudding. 


Al Ustad Special Kebab

Al Ustad Special Kebab, a charming establishment in the Mankool area, is a genuine slice of Old Dubai since its inception in 1978. This restaurant, a favourite among celebrities, pays homage to the Iranian kebab tradition, featuring succulent chunks of barbecued chicken and mutton expertly marinated in yogurt. While Al Ustad is renowned for its kebab offerings, you shouldn't miss the chance to savour dishes like Kabab Khas, Joujeh Kabab, Cholo Murgh, and other delightful options. Al Ustad Special Kebab promises a culinary experience that captures the essence of tradition and flavour, making it a true gem in Old Dubai.


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Coffee lovers, mark your calendars for World of Coffee Dubai 2024, a major event in the coffee industry. Hosted by DXB Live, it's happening from 21 to 23 January 2024.
Enjoy an amazing performance by Indian playback singer Asha Bhosle 8 September at Coca-Cola Arena
The 90-minute show features 23 artists performing their signature dances
Dubai residents, get ready to groove to the beats and enjoy the electrifying performance of global sensation Jason Derulo on 4 May 2024.
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The packages are aimed at children of all ages.
The concert will be held on 12 December
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Dave Crane is coming back to Dubai with his iconic 'The Dave Crane Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show' on board the iconic QE2, located in Port Rashid. Tickets start from Dhs 99.
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The festival will be held from 12 to 22 May
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After enthralling audiences in India for eight years and making its first international debut in London in 2023, Jashn-e-Rekhta, the world's largest Urdu language, literature, and cultural festival, is coming to Dubai on 27 and 28 January.
Indian actor and comedian Vir Das is set to perform in Dubai in 28 September at Dubai Opera
Activities to check out this weekend
Dubai-ites, brace yourselves; the emirate is all set to get its first-ever Dhai Dubai light art festival at Expo City Dubai. Yep, you read that right! The Dhai Dubai Light Art Festival will illuminate Al Wasl Plaza from 26 January to 4 February.
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UK comedian Michael McIntyre is making his way to Dubai for a one-night-only show on 13 January 2024 at Coca-Cola Arena
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We CANNOT keep CALM, as the lineup for UNTOLD Music Festival, making its Middle East debut at Expo City Dubai from 15 to 18 February 2024, has been revealed.
Tine to kick of the three day weekend with some fun!
Watch performances from the boyband BTS and experience Parasite live
Top things to do in Al Barsha, Barsha Heights and Al Quoz
Are you an avid reader who never misses a chance to dive into the world of books? Then mark your calendars because the Big Bad Wolf Books sale is back in Dubai, promising an unforgettable experience for book lovers of all ages.
If you're looking for fun weekend activities in Dubai, Discover Dubai has curated a guide to enhance your experience. Explore the best ways to make the most of your time in this lively city.
Delight in a brilliant electronic dance music lineup of Don Diablo, Yellow Claw, Aly & Fila, VINAI, DubVision and DJ Pink Panda
Metal music fans in Dubai have another concert to look forward to as the world-famous symphonic metal band Apocalyptica is coming to Dubai for their debut performance on 13 September at The Agenda in Media City.
If you're looking to kick off the new year by attending exciting events, Discover Dubai has you covered with its ultimate guide.
Attention foodies! Get ready for a delectable weekend since the much-awaited Taste of Dubai food festival is back this weekend! From Friday, 23 February to Sunday, 25 February, indulge in a culinary extravaganza at Skydive Dubai.
The hub will run from 1 April to 21 September
Dining, staycations and more for Mother's Day!
Time for some weekend excitement!
Movie lovers, take note! Roxy Cinemas has launched an unmissable movie experience for all cinephiles in Dubai. Get ready to catch the top blockbusters and Oscar-nominated films at Roxy Cinemas for a limited time only.
Fun activities to curb boredom this weekend!
Comedian to make his Dubai debut in March.
If you are planning to make the most of your weekend in Dubai, Discover Dubai is here with its ultimate weekend guide. 
UAE's first-ever Carnvial-style festival, Butterfly Carnival Music Festival, is all set to take place in Dubai on 11 November 2023.
Amazing activities to enjoy this weekend!
The event will be held on 20 May at Zero Gravity
If you are looking forward to attending some events in March, Discover Dubai has got you covered with its ultimate guide. Read on. 
Coke Studio fans, it's time to unite and glee in excitement since the highly-anticipated second edition of Coke Studio Live is all set to take stage at Coca-Cola Arena on 25 November.
The 8th edition of the Custom Show Emirates will run from 10 to 13 March at Expo City Dubai
As we observe the International Day of Sign Languages today, we’ve rounded up a few places in the UAE that teach sign language, so you can learn a new skill while opening yourself up to a whole new world.
Make the weekend a fun one!
The American rock band KISS will perform as part of their final 'End of the Road' world tour on 13 October at Coca-Cola Arena
With the weekend around the corner, if you are planning to explore Dubai and attend some of the best concerts and events, then look no further as Discover Dubai is here to help you plan the best weekend with its things-to-do recommendations.
The camping experience is available every Friday and Saturday from 2 June to 29 September
The concert will be held on 20 November
Dance the night away on 25 February from 9pm to 2am
Pet parents, get ready to paw-rty with your furry babies, since the much-awaited dog-friendly 'Feastival' is making a comeback for its spring edition on 9 March.
Top things to do in Dubailand, Motor City, Sport City and Green Community
So don your explorer hat and make the most of your weekend with Discover Dubai's comprehensive guide, filled with fantastic ideas and recommendations for the best things to do in this vibrant city.
Enjoy endless fun throughout the summer at Dubai Summer Surprises
The market will open to the public from 13 October
Here are some fun things you can do with your family.
The singer will perform on 21 December at 8pm
Discover Dubai speaks to Sharleen Spiteri, on performing in Dubai and her career with Texas
Make this May a special one with Disney Concerts!
The event will be held on 20 April at Pure White at Dubai Harbour
Get ready for an amazing laughter show!
One of the biggest and most popular Sufi singers in Pakistan and globally, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, is set to perform in Dubai on Friday, 29 December 2023 at Coca-Cola Arena.
Fun activities for the weekend
Let the weekend fun begin!
Top things to do in Deira, Garhoud and Al Muteena.
Time for some fun activities over the weekend
The lineup for the Coke Studio Live extravaganza has been unveiled, promising an unforgettable night for music enthusiasts.
The set will run from 5pm to midnight on 22 April
The run will be held on 19 March from 7.30am
Make the most of the festive season with family and friends!
Get ready for an exciting and eventful weekend!
If you're seeking weekend fun in Dubai, and don't know what to do, worry not, Discover Dubai is back with the ultimate guide that'll help you make the most of the upcoming weekend. 
Get ready, Dubai! Brace yourselves for another incredible performance as Tom Grennan, the chart-topping, multi-BRIT Award nominee, is set to take the stage at The Agenda in Dubai Media City on 24 May, 2024.
Get ready for a tour filled with laughs
Last weekend of the month fun
Time for endless weekend fun!
Brilliant events that are sure to make the month a fun one for all!
The solo concert will be held on 30 April at Coca-Cola Arena
The service will be included in the ticket
Katherine Ryan, the famous Canadian comedian, and Laughtrip, a popular troupe from the Filipino comedy scene led by Alex Calleja, are all set to perform at Dubai Comedy Festival.
Things to check out this weekend!
World Art Dubai, the Middle East's largest contemporary art fair, is back for its 10th edition.
The ice show will be held on 6 and 7 January 2023 at Coca-Cola Arena
Roxy Cinemas, renowned for its premium cinema experience in Dubai has announced a memorable New Year's Eve celebration at its luxurious The Beach branch in JBR, with a special movie adventure.
The concert will be held on 14 January 2023
Time for some weekend fun
To celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Museum of the Future, situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, is hosting a special 3-day event called Ramadan Majlis Nights.
Fun activities to try over the weekend
Time for some weekend cheer!
A sachet of lettuce seeds are included with each Happy Meal
Brilliant events to make the weekend a memorable one
The show will be held on Saturday, 13 May at Movenpick JBR Dubai
Time for some laughs with the Laughter Factory!
Dubai is gearing up for a blast from the past with iconic 90s bands B*Witched and Eternal set to rock the stage at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium on 4 May.
Prepare for an unforgettable musical journey as the legendary American R&B group Boyz II Men, comprising Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, and Shawn Stockman, return to Dubai on 28 April.
Enjoy paddling around the lagoon with dolphins!
Known for hosting some of the most extravagant celebrations worldwide, and after following its successful 2023 edition, Elrow Dubai XXL is gearing up to dominate the Middle East once again in 2024.
One of the most eagerly awaited music festivals, White Festival, is making a comeback next month at Dubai Harbour on Saturday, 20 April.
The Noise Next Door comedy troupe is coming to Dubai on the 28 and 29 January.
Get ready to elevate your 'Heartbeat' and 'Escape' the daily grind, as global superstar Enrique Iglesias is set to enchant Dubai with his mesmerising voice.
Experience the vibrant culture of Japan in the heart of Dubai at the Museum of the Future with Salt Camp's Japanese festival.
The event will be held on 4 November
First weekend of May, time for fun!
To help you plan the best weekend, Discover Dubai has compiled a guide to the best things to do, ensuring you have an incredible weekend. Take a look and plan accordingly. 
Dubai-ites get ready to party as the Winter Music Fest is all set to return for its second edition. After drawing an impressive crowd of over 12,000 fans last season, Winter Music Fest Season 2 is gearing up for a spectacular comeback in Dubai.
The artist will perform on 3 December
The festival will be held from 9 to 11 December
Mini golf at Mini World is offering a free game until Tuesday, 7 November. The 18-hole mini-golf course provides adventure and fun for individuals of all ages.
Watch funnyman Robby Collins perform in Dubai on 7 July
Your little ones will thank you.
Enjoy a great hub for all things gaming and comics in one place
Anuv Jain, India’s buzziest Indie-pop sensation known for his back-to-back successful singles, is all set to take centre stage in Dubai on 3 February 2024. 
Amazing events to make this weekend a great one!
The festival will be held from 15 December to 29 January 2023
The festival runs until May 2023
Fun activities for the weekend!
The final run will be held on 26 March
Get ready for the weekend!
Let loose for the weekend!
Time for some festive fun throughout December!
Watch Blue, Boyzlife and Five perform on 13 October at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium
For yoga enthusiasts in Dubai, Discover Dubai recommends the ultimate experience at The Green Planet Dubai. They have introduced 'Yoga at the Rainforest', a 60-minute live streaming yin yoga and meditation session.
Get ready for a show full of laughter!
Watch as stunning fireworks light up the sky
On Saturday, 1 June, ahead of International Day of Yoga, Lululemon is hosting a series of yoga and mindfulness sessions at the Asateer Tent, Atlantis The Palm.
Events that will make this weekend one to remember!
If you're looking to spice up your May with some unforgettable performances, Discover Dubai has you covered with its list. Keep reading to find out which concerts you won't want to miss this month.
Art lovers, we have BIG news for you. All the way from Seoul, South Korea, Arte Museum has now made its way to Dubai in Dubai Mall, marking its first venture in the Middle East.
The event will be held on 14 October at City Walk
Legoland Dubai is introducing a brand new attraction called the Ever-changing Play Box, set to open to the public on 27 April.
The shows will be held from September until November
Discover Dubai has created an ultimate guide for you. Here's lots of things you can do in Dubai over the upcoming weekend. 
The event will run on 26 February at Media Rotana Hotel in Barsha Heights
Dubai's art scene expands with the inauguration of 'IMMERSEE' at The Sustainable City. Nestled within the net-zero emissions SEE Institute, this innovative cultural hub operates entirely on solar energy, generating triple its energy requirements.
Dubai's entertainment scene never slows down, and if you're looking to maximise your weekend fun in the city, Discover Dubai has got you covered with its ultimate weekend guide, packed with things to do.
Are you looking for something exciting to do in Dubai over the weekend? Look no further! Discover Dubai has got you covered with its ultimate guide to the best events in the city.
Exciting events to try out
Make the most of the weekend!
Dubai-ites, get ready to party, sing and dance as the most anticipated musical event, UNTOLD Music Festival, is making its Middle East debut at Expo City Dubai from 15 to 18 February, 2024
Dubai residents, brace yourselves for an electrifying night of music and celebration as the iconic 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' inductees Green Day are set to perform in the Middle East for the very first time!
Time to kick back and enjoy the weekend
Create some great memories for New Year's
Originating from Seoul, South Korea, the WaterBomb Festival is coming to Dubai on 7 and 8 June. It's renowned as the world's only festival that combines top artists with loads of water fun. Here's your guide to the happenings on each day.
The concert will be held on 11 March 2023
Dubai-ites get ready to be spooked as Dubai Parks and Resorts is all set to turn into a haunted wonderland from 30 September for six chilling weeks.
The festival will run up to 30 January 2022
This year's edition will run from 1 to 6 February
More chefs announced to appear and 15 top restaurants confirmed.
From thrill seekers to theatre lovers, there is something for everyone this weekend!
The five shows will be held from 5 to 7 May at the Coca-Cola Arena
Exciting events happening this weekend!
The June tour will see Liz Miele, Khaled Khalafalla and Scott Bennett perform
The festival will be held from 7 September to 2 October
Season 28 of Global Village will run from 18 October 2023 to 28 April 2024
Get ready, Dubai! The iconic O Beach, renowned for its legendary pool parties and entertainment, is making its way from Ibiza to the Dubai Marina Beachfront.
If you plan to attend some events in April, Discover Dubai is here with its April events guide, highlighting all the must-attend events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Dubai's beloved immersive family entertainment destination, AYA Universe, is gearing up to introduce its latest immersive feature, the Star Pool.
Bollywood actor and singer Farhan Akhtar will perform on 1 September at Coca-Cola Arena
The exhibition will be held till 30 October
If you're looking for exciting activities this November, here's a list of must-attend concerts and events in the UAE.
If you want to make the most of your weekends in the emirate by enjoying events, live shows and more, Discover Dubai has got you covered with the ultimate weekend guide.
Time for some fun events this weekend!
Amazing events around the UAE to have a brilliant time
Known as the Godfather of EDM, Dutch DJ and record producer Tiësto is all set to headline UNTOLD Dubai, the mega festival taking place at Expo City in Dubai from 15 to 18 February. 
The concert will be held on 4 February 2023 at Coca-Cola Arena
The event will be held from 16 to 18 December
The event will be held on 24 November
Get grooving with the amazing West Side Story musical!
Discover Dubai has put together the perfect guide for you. Keep reading and start making your weekend plans today!
Dubai residents, it's time to dust off your training gear and lace up those running shoes because one of the most exciting and fun runs is returning to Dubai in May. That's right, the DXB Snow Run is back for its fifth edition on 19 May.
Amazing things to make this weekend one to remember!
The multisensory experience will be available to the public from 23 September
Spooky Planet, The Green Planet's outdoor Halloween extravaganza, will transform the indoor rainforest into a Halloween wonderland from 6 to 31 October. 
The activities will be held daily from 4pm to 10pm
Exciting events taking place around Dubai!
Dubai Parks and Resorts has announced an impressive New Year's Eve spectacle. Everyone, including UAE residents and visitors, is welcome to witness a spectacular laser show and enjoy family-friendly fireworks on Sunday, 31 December. 
From laughter shows, concerts and more, there is something for all to enjoy!
Dhai Dubai invites visitors to experience seven light art installations that reflect the diverse narratives and creative expressions of the city. Running from 26 January to 4 February, 2024, the festival promises an engaging program suitable for all.
Cinema Akil is hosting the global film festival, Il Cinema Ritrovato, for the first time in the Middle. The film festival will take place between 15 and 21 September and is in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute Abu Dhabi.
The concert will be held on 4 November at Coca-Cola Arena
AP Dhillon is all set to take over Dubai with his soulful voice and foot-tapping songs at the Coca-Cola Arena in February.
Journeys taken by taxis has grown to their highest level compared to previous years
Get into the festive spirit with live stand up comedy!
Amazing events to enjoy around the UAE this September
Fun events to enjoy this weekend
The weekend is around the corner, and with the Holy Month of Ramadan, if you are looking for enjoyable activities in Dubai, let Discover Dubai be your guide to the best things to do. 
The event will run from 9 to 13 March
The Laughter Factory May lineup is sure to fill you with laughs
From enjoying live concerts at Coca-Cola Arena to watching WrestleFest DXB and comedy shows, here are some fun things you must do in Dubai over the weekend of 8- 10 September.
Enjoy amazing dining options and live music sessions and performances!
The race will be held on 16 July and 20 August and offers a 2.5km and 5km course
Make this festive season a special one with Al Habtoor City Hotel Collection
Tiësto, Ne-Yo, Armin van Buuren and more are set to perform!
Emirates Park Zoo and Resort is welcoming visitors for free during the first three days of Eid, but there's a catch! You should arrive early, between 8am and 9am, to avail of this special offer.
Special shows will be held at Dubai Festival City at 7.30pm and 8.30pm with the Russian flag on display at 9.30pm
Top things to do in Jumeirah 1,2,3, Beach Road, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim, Al Sufouh, Palm Jumeirah
The lightsaber will be on display till 31 March at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium
The three day festival for all things music, fashion, visual arts and sports
The event will be held at Times Square Center
The concert will be held on 27 November
The show will feature live entertainment, aerialists and special effects and lighting
Amazing events to enjoy the weekend
Emaar has revealed that for this year's Emaar NYE 2024, you now have the option to buy a ticket for an exclusive viewing location, eliminating concerns about dealing with the crowd or the need to rush to secure your spot.
Watch amazing fountain shows with the stunning Dubai skyline
The concert will be held at the Coca Cola Arena on 28 October
Motiongate Dubai is reintroducing the eagerly awaited 'Terrific Tuesdays' for UAE residents. For theme park enthusiasts, this offer is a must-not-miss opportunity. Every Tuesday, enjoy savings with a 40% discount on the regular ticket price.
The 26th edition of Dubai Summer Surprises will feature brilliant sales and live entertainment, running till 3 September
The Butterfly Carnival Music Festival will be held on 11 November at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre
Enjoy a five-day comedy tour with brilliant comedians Ahmed Ahmed, Chris Forbes and Rick Kiesewetter
The concerts will be held at The Agenda, Media City
Marvel enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the ultimate experience! You are in for a treat with an extraordinary opportunity to dive into the Marvel Universe like never before
The Hatta Honey Festival is back for its eighth edition, running until 31 December. Launched by Dubai Municipality, the five-day festival supports the beekeeping industry in Dubai and the UAE.
We cannot keep calm, as UNTOLD music festival is just two weeks away. The full artist lineup is yet to be revealed, the day-wise schedule is now available, adding to the anticipation for an unforgettable event.
Elrow Dubai XXL has officially announced the headline act of the event. Yep, you read that right! Iconic DJ Fisher, known for his stage presence and infectious beats, is all set to headline the event. 
UNTOLD Dubai, the four-day festival will be held in February 2024 at Expo City Dubai
The digital show will transform the artworks of the 12-year-old artist, Karolina Sávolt
The season will run till 4 September
Roxy Cinema has announced a Saturday brunch, inviting cinemagoers to indulge in delicious treats while watching their favourite movies.
Things you can do for New Year's Eve.
The one night only concert will be held on 28 April at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium
The new season will offer new attractions, shows, shopping offers and food concepts
If you're looking to make the most of the upcoming weekend, Discover Dubai has you covered with the ultimate guide to all the events happening in the Emirate. 
Delight in an amazing concert on 22 September at The Agenda, Dubai Media City, with two iconic boybands, A1 and 911
The festival will run from 12 to 21 May around Dubai
The Hong Kong Film Festival is returning for its second edition in the UAE, taking place at Cinema Akil, the only independent cinema in the country.
Fun things to do this week.
The 'Shape Of You' singer Ed Sheeran is all set to take over Dubai on 19 and 20 January at The Sevens Stadium on Al Ain Road.
Bollywood buffs, get ready; the king of romantic songs, Arijit Singh, is all set to take over Dubai on 27 April. Yes, the mega singing sensation will make an anticipated return to Dubai in a concert experience like never before at Coca-Cola Arena.
Cricket fans in Dubai have a lot to look forward to now that the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has kicked off in the UAE. So, if you were still wondering where to catch the big matches in Dubai, we’ve found you just the right spots
The event is held from 7 to 17 July
From foot juggling, hand balancing and aerial acts, the show has it all!
The triathlon will be held on 2 October
Take a look at some of the different staycations you can try in Dubai and across the UAE.
Get ready for a December full of fun and festivities in the UAE! As 2023 winds down, the UAE is buzzing with amazing concerts, shows, and events that promise a good time.
Use this weekend as a warm up to the long holidays
Get ready for three amazing days of deliciousness and entertainment!
The four-day international motion picture gala, META Film Fest, is all set to return for its second edition in Dubai from 9 to 12 November. The four-day fest will take place at VOX Cinemas, Wafi City.
The event will be held from 29 October to 27 November
Brilliant events to check out this weekend
Delight in amazing dishes this week!
The event will be held from 8 to 13 March
The festival will run for ten days from 12 to 21 May
Some last weekend of the month fun!
Six comedians over 10 shows with two separate lineups
Dubai runners, get ready to hit the tracks because the Dubai Harbour run is back next Sunday, 14 April!
Ten full weeks of Dubai Summer Surprises starts from 1 July running until 4 September
Get ready for an amazing tour this July with Adam Bloom, Red Richardson and Michael Fabbri
Attention music lovers, one of the greatest DJs and producers in the world, Martin Garrix, is all set to headline the Atlantis Live music series in Dubai on Saturday, 11 May.
Celebrate Eid with loads of fun and activities in Dubai
The September Selfdrive Laughter Factory Tour features Dane Baptiste, Karen Rontowski and Jack Gleadow
Make the most the amazing events happening around Dubai
Amazing events to enjoy this weekend around Dubai
The show will be held on 3 October at Coca-Cola Arena
A1 and 911, popular boybands from the 90s, will perform on 22 September at The Agenda, Dubai Media City
Dubai-ites brace yourselves! One of the biggest pop stars in the world, Ed Sheeran, is all set to perform in Dubai next year.
With over 50 supercars in one place, Riverland at Dubai Parks and Resorts is hosting a special exhibition on Thursday, 22 February, featuring a parade of luxury cars.
Dubai’s longest-running comedy night has announced a new lineup for October with three international acts taking the stage at different venues across the city. 
Delight in laughs with Angelo Tsarouchas, Kate Barron and Stephen Carlin!
American comedian and podcaster Andrew Schulz will perform on 22 October at Etihad Arena, Yas Island
The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the biggest celebration of stories and ideas in the region, is set to come back from 31 January to 6 February 2024 at the Intercontinental, Dubai Festival City.
Exciting events to be a part of this month!
Things to check out this weekend
The festival will be held for three days from 8 to 10 December
The concert will be held on 6 October at Coca-Cola Arena
A comedy show without getting off the sofa
Delight in up to 50% to 80% off discounts on books for 10 days
Amazing activities to enjoy this weekend!
Sit back and enjoy watching Esther Manito, Julian Deane, Tabarak and Imah perform
Fun events for the weekend!
Michael Jackson tribute star Ben Bowman will perform amazing dance routines and songs by the King of Pop on 17 December at Coca-Cola Arena
The Laughter Factory, UAE's longest-running comedy hub since 1997, is gearing up to bring laughter to audiences with its stellar lineup of comedians for June.
Brilliant events to check out this weekend
The day to night concert will be held on 11 February at Zero Gravity Dubai
Dubai residents, get ready to groove and have a blast as Afroworld returns to Coca-Cola Arena for its 2024 edition, featuring the incredible headliner, Rema.
Make this month one full of beautiful memories!
Discover Dubai has prepared the ultimate guide just for you. Dive in and discover the excitement!
The show will run from 21 to 26 February 2023 at Dubai Opera
Hello, art enthusiasts in Dubai! Exciting news for you! The Quoz Arts Fest at Alserkal Avenue is making a comeback for its 11th edition on 27 and 28 January 2024.
A round up of some exciting things to do over the next 7 days starting from this weekend!
The annual summer shopping event will run from 1 July to 4 September
Dubai is always lively, with lots to do. Whether it's events, activities, or concerts, something is happening all the time in the emirate. And if you're looking for fun things to do on the weekend, Discover Dubai has you covered with the best guide.
A free yoga event will be held on Wednesday, 21 June at Danube Sports World for International Yoga Day
Fans can enjoy meet-and-greet opportunities with the star!
Exciting events to check out this weekend!
Dubai is gearing up for a star-studded night as the American pop-rock sensation, OneRepublic, is set to grace the stage at Bla Bla in JBR on Thursday, 25 January.
Brilliant events to check out this weekend
Get ready to turn those frowns upside down at the at The Selfdrive Laughter Factory August tour!!
The festival will run from 16 to 22 March
Enjoy a funny show this month!
The weekend is just around the corner, which means it's time to rock and roll and enjoy the best that Dubai has to offer. From plays to events and shows, a lot is happening in Dubai. If you're looking for options, Discover Dubai has you covered.
Fun activities for the weekend
Get a chance to win free tickets on purchase of the 330ml Coca Cola special edition cans
The show will feature 16 members performing two 25 minute long sets on 18 February
Time to break out the fun shoes for this weekend!
Exciting news for Marvel enthusiasts! It's time to dust off your capes and masks because the Marvel Universe LIVE is bringing iconic superheroes like Spider-Man, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy to Dubai.
The concert will be held on 19 February on the Main Stage
The Holy Month of Ramadan has begun, and Dubai is celebrating the festive spirit with various pop-ups, Ramadan Majlis, themed events, and more. To add more to the excitement, the iconic Ramadan Nights and Lights at Al Seef is back.
The 11th edition of Etisalat MOTB kicks off today, running from 5 to 14 January 2024. As the flagship alternative of the Dubai Shopping Festival, this free-to-enter event at Dubai Design District (d3) is a hub of creativity and design.
Watch comedians Andrew Ryan, Liam Withnail and Radu Isac perform!
Dubai is gearing up to bring in the Year of the Dragon with a dynamic array of events, activities, and retail promotions organised by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment.
Exciting events to check out this weekend
The musical show will be run from 13 to 15 May
Attention all music enthusiasts! Garage Nation is making a rejoicing return, igniting the stage with electrifying beats and unbeatable vibes on Saturday, 1 June, at P7 Arena in Media One Hotel, Al Sufouh.
Get ready for a magnificent display!
Amazing festive markets to check out for all your winter needs!
American Afropop artist Davido is set to perform in Dubai on 2 September at Coca-Cola Arena, popular for the 2022 World Cup soundtrack 'Hayya Hayya'
The concert will be held as part of the Eid celebrations on 28 April at Coca-Cola Arena
Get excited for festive fun!
The concert will be held at Coca-Cola Arena
Fun things to do this weekend.
DSS is returning for over nine weeks of amazing sales and entertainment
His Excellency Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council officially opens Dubai Sports World, which offers over 40 courts and pitches for multiple sports, that runs until 10 September
Real Madrid World, the first-ever Real Madrid-themed park situated in Dubai Parks and Resorts, is all set to host the live screening of the Champions League Final on Saturday, 1 June 2024.
Make this long weekend a fun one!
The silver anniversary June tour has an amazing line up
To make the festive week of Eid Al Fitr more exciting for little ones in Dubai, the 'Bubbles and Balloons' festival is making a comeback on 10 April at Dubai Festival Plaza.
Michelin-starred restaurants to feature at the return of one of Dubai's favourite events
Dubai is known as the go-to destination for all things trendy and exciting. As the weekend approaches, if you're looking to discover the hottest events and concerts in the city, Discover Dubai has got you covered with its things-to-do guide.
With new offerings, immersive experiences and attractions, Dubai knows how to keep its visitors and residents entertained. And now, to add more to the entertainment, Dubai gets one-of-a-kind live-action go-karting experience.
Kylie previously performed at the resort's grand opening in 2008
Indian comedian, actor and television host Kapil Sharma will perform at Coca-Cola Arena on 24 September
If you're all set to make the most of your weekends, Discover Dubai's ultimate weekend guide is for you. Read on to know what Dubai has in store for you this weekend. 
Jubin Nautiyal, the renowned Indian playback singer with his enchanting voice, is gearing up to mesmerise the city in a magical evening of melody on 30 December.
Spend this weekend having fun!
Marvel in stunning fireworks this Eid Al Fitr
Enjoy the matches while the kids stay entertained!
If you are expecting a quiet month with not much else to do other than some me-time, then think again. The calendar this month is packed full of things for everyone to do. There are things for everyone from music lovers, fitness fans, foodies, art.
Movies buffs, Roxy Cinemas is back with another exciting experience. The cinema is set to enchant audiences with a 'Need for Speed' film festival running until Sunday, 28 January, at Dubai Hills Mall, City Walk, The Beach, Boxpark and Al Khawaneej.
The championships will be held from 18 to 28 October
If you're gearing up for the weekend and looking for exciting activities, events, or concerts to attend in the Emirates, you're in luck. Discover Dubai has compiled the ultimate guide for you.
Dubai-ites brace yourselves as Ski Dubai is set to host the second edition of the Festive Fun Run on Saturday, 9 December. Taking place at Ski Dubai within the Mall of the Emirates, this -4°C race event boasts a delightful visit from Santa Claus.
The one and only Busta Rhymes, the legendary American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, is set to take the stage as the headliner on Sunday, 10 December.
On 11 November, Saturday, the remarkable Kevin De Vries will be taking the stage for an extraordinary performance at Terra Solis by Tomorrowland.
The shows will be held on 4 and 5 March in Dubai and from 10 to 12 March in Abu Dhabi
The show will be held on 30 October
Get ready to make the most of your weekend in Dubai with Discover Dubai's top recommendations for concerts and events.
Archer Aviation, a leader in electric flying cars and Abu Dhabi-based Falcon Aviation are partnering to build a vertiport network in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Activities to enjoy this weekend!
Get ready to chuckle and have a blast this April as the hilarious Dubai Comedy Festival returns on 12 April! Back for its 2024 edition, this beloved festival guarantees non-stop laughter with top comedians from around the globe.
Maroon 5, the Grammy-winning band will grace the stage in Dubai this November. The band will deliver an outstanding performance at the upcoming Dubai Airshow during Dubai Airports' Gala Dinner.
The show is divided into three sections highlighting the work of each artist
Get ready to make the most of the new month!
Fun things to check out this weekend!
The 12th edition of Sikka Art and Design Festival, held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, will take place from 23 February to 3 March.
The show will begin from 18 June
The concert will be held for two nights on 30 September and 1 October at Queen Elizabeth II Theatre
Attention parents! Dubai is hosting the Middle East's first-ever Baby Expo, a global event focused on babies, toddlers, and maternity.
The show will be held on 3 September at the Coca Cola Arena
The artist will perform on 27 March
The festival will run in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood from 15 to 24 March
The lineup for the August Selfdrive Laughter Factory will feature Ryan Cullen, Karen Bayley and Nick Page
The Guinness World Recording waterpark is gearing up to welcome guests to another edition of Aquaventure After Dark. Anticipate an evening filled with excitement and more.
Dubai residents, gear up for an exhilarating run as the Bubble Run is set to make a vibrant return in January 2024, this time at Expo City.
The exhibition is on from 11 to 15 May
It is time for the long Eid holiday fun!
Get ready for 10 days of non-stop laughter
Unmissable events in Dubai!
The concert will be held at Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium on 22 October
Love Trance? This Friday night, Grab your free tickets for InnerTrance
The concert will be held on 23 December at Sheikh Rashid Hall at Dubai World Trade Centre
The dates for Dubai's iconic Madinat Jumeirah festive market are finally out. The market will make a comeback from 15 December to 7 January 2024. Located on Madinat Jumeirah Fort Island, the festive market will be spread across 1,750 sqm.
Events to check out this month!
The exhibition is open till 30 June
Get ready to groove as rap icons Xzibit, D12, and Obie Trice hit the stage at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on 29 June 2024.
The event will run from 31 March to 9 April at Sound Stages, Dubai Studio City with up to 90% off on various books
Enjoy watching movies and Ramadan markets this year
Make this Eid Al Adha break a blast with amazing events
Discover Dubai has put together an exclusive guide to help you make the most of your upcoming weekend in Dubai. Discover the perfect ways to enjoy your time in this dynamic city. 
Make this weekend a really fun one!
If you enjoy watching fireworks light up the sky, here are five spots in Dubai where you can enjoy these free-to-attend displays during Eid. 
The sale will run from 25 to 27 November
Dubai-ites get ready to dance 'Gangnam Style' as the South Korean sensation and K-pop idol PSY is all set to perform in at the UNTOLD Dubai festival.
Tickets for GameExpo and GameExpo Summit are now on sale. The events will take place between 1 to 5 May.
Discover Dubai has your guide for the best things to do. Don't wait! Bookmark now and get ready for some weekend fun!
Fun events to do in Dubai!
Top things to do in Sheikh Zayed Road, 2nd of December Street and Al Satwa
The weekend is here, and Dubai is buzzing with exciting events! If you're looking for the latest events and concerts in the city, look no further than Discover Dubai's complete guide to things to do.
The event will run from 27 to 29 May
Dubai stands in line with cities like Paris, Milan, London and New York, so you can never be bored of this city. There are a million of things to see, try, and taste!
Attention Dubai residents! Get prepared to cool off and have a blast in June as South Korea's famous WaterBomb festival is coming to Dubai! This ultimate water festival will take place at Dubai Festival City on 7 and 8 June 2024.
The Dubai Esports and Games Festival will come back for its third edition from 19 April to 5 May. Presented by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, the DEF 2024 edition aims to offer an extraordinary lineup of events.
The band will perform in Dubai on 9 June, 20 years after their last performance here
The lineup will feature Michael Gelbart, Emmanuel Sonubi and Dana Alexander
Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand because LOVERS, a tribute show to Taylor Swift, is making its way to Dubai in February 2024 at Theatre by QE2 in Port Rashid.
The firework show will be held at 10pm at Dubai Festival City Mall
Central Cee and Jorja Smith will headline at the event
The three-day exhibition will be held from 28 to 30 October
The singer of 'Young, Dumb and Broke' is now scheduled to take the stage in Dubai on 2 March 2024, at the Coca-Cola Arena.
Get ready for a great tour filled with loads of laughs!
The 10-hour festival will be held on 20 August
Do you love food and more food? Then this is for you. Etisalat Beach Canteen, part of Dubai Food Festival, is back for daily from 8pm onwards until 14 March. The food carnival is on Jumeriah Beach
The singer will perform on 8 October at the Coca Cola Arena
Mums can now enjoy the ultimate relaxation with or without the children at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
Amazing events to make this weekend one to remember
After enthralling the audience with his melodious voice on 8 December 2023, The Kid Laroi is all set to take over Dubai again on 19 April 2024.
Time to make the weekend interesting!
The Coldplay concert will be held on 4 February, with the Queen showcase held on 3 and 4 March
The electric concert will be held on 18 March at Coca-Cola Arena
Enjoy sales up to 90% off from 26 to 28 May
Are you looking for fun weekend things in Dubai? Discover Dubai has you covered with its ultimate guide to the city's best events. From concerts to shows and more, we provide all the details you need to enjoy your time in Dubai to the fullest. 
Make this weekend a great one!
Go from Fri-boo to Fri-yay!
Time to get up to some fun this new year!
Art lovers, get ready to celebrate art in Dubai since the iconic Art Dubai is coming back for its 17th edition on 1 March. It will be held at Madinat Jumeirah and feature new commissions and premières by internationally recognised artists.
Enjoy watching amazing street artists from 8 to 20 March
As the weekend approaches, if you're considering catching a movie, Connector suggests checking out 'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire'.
Exciting events to check out
Enjoy the weekend with a big bang!
UNTOLD Dubai, Dubai’s first mega music festival, is taking the excitement up another notch with the announcement of even more musicians, DJs, and singers to light up its incredible stages.
The concert will be held on 30 July at The Agenda in Media City
The band will perform on 2 October
Guinness World Records has cited Dubai Holding's Hatta sign with the tag of “Tallest Landmark Sign”.
Delight in unending giggles with a great lineup of Mike Marino, Laura Hayden and Robby Slowik
The concert will be held on 8 June at Coca-Cola Arena
Top things to do in Downtown Dubai, DIFC, Business Bay, Al Meydan and Dubai Design District
The festival runs from 12 to 22 May