Dining Deals For The Week You Cannot Say No To
Start the new week in Dubai by exploring a plethora of culinary delights on offer. Dive into the city's vibrant food scene with Discover Dubai's weekly food guide, showcasing delicious deals and offers to tantalise your taste buds. 

Indulge in Irresistible Food Deals Across Dubai This Week
If you love experimenting with cuisines and are eager to delve into Dubai's diverse culinary landscape while considering deals and discounts, Discover Dubai is back with its guide to help you select the finest dining deals in Dubai.

Enjoy The Taste Of Japan At These Japanese Restaurants In Dubai
If you're a fan of Japanese food, Discover Dubai suggests trying these Japanese restaurants in Dubai. With their inviting atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes, these spots promise to whisk you away to the streets of Tokyo.

Ten To Try: Kababs
Whether grilled to perfection or simmered in rich sauces, kababs are a perfect go-to snack and main-course option. And if you love kababs, Discover Dubai suggests these 10 places in Dubai to try them. 

Lip-Smacking Food Deals To Enjoy In Dubai This Week
As a new week begins, there's a plethora of fresh launches, enticing deals, and newly opened restaurants awaiting your exploration in Dubai. If you're looking for various culinary experiences in Dubai, let Discover Dubai be your food guide.

Don't Miss On These Weekly Food Deals In Dubai
If you're excited about exploring these culinary delights, Discover Dubai has you sorted with the ultimate dining guide. Here are the top deals for the week that you cannot afford to miss in Dubai. 

Top Biryani Places Serving Dhs 10 Biryani During Dubai Food Festival
Want to relish delicious biryani without breaking the bank? Head to the Dubai Food Festival! The 11th edition is on until 12 May, featuring the exciting 10 Dirham Dish event. For biryani lovers, Discover Dubai recommends these Dhs 10 biryani dishes.

Food Deals To Avail In Dubai This Week
With an array of dining options from new launches to budget-friendly deals, Dubai can confuse you with choices. But fear not, with Discover Dubai, confusion is a thing of the past. Here's your dining guide for the week, featuring best food deals.

Your Guide To Dubai Food Festival 2024
The 11th edition of Dubai Food Festival is back and will take place until 12 May. Offering mouthwatering delights, it's packed with culinary experiences, special tasting menus, experiential events, masterclasses, four-hand dinners, and more.

Food Deals Of The Week You Should Not Miss
If you're craving some tasty options to ease back into the routine, look no further than Discover Dubai's weekly food guide.

Top Places To Enjoy Pakistani Cuisines In Dubai
Discover Dubai has curated a list of Pakistani restaurants in Dubai that are a must-visit for any foodie eager to explore the city's culinary delights.

Ten To Try: Dumplings
If you love Asian cuisine and dumplings, Discover Dubai recommends you try these 10 places in Dubai for dumplings. 

Lip-Smacking Dining Deals To Avail In Dubai This Week
If you're passionate about exploring new cuisines, availing deals, and diving into Dubai's culinary world, this Discover Dubai guide is for you. 

Don't Miss Out On These Delectable Dining Deals In Dubai This Week
Whether it's trying out new eateries, exploring diverse cuisines, discovering weekly deals, or more, Discover Dubai is back with its weekly dining guide to help you experience the finest food offerings in Dubai this week.

Ten To Try: Pastas
If you love pasta and can have it for breakfast, dinner and lunch, Discover Dubai has got you covered with these ten to recommendations around Dubai. So read on, pasta la vista, baby. 

Dining Deals To Avail In Dubai This Week
As the new week begins, if you're looking to treat yourself in Dubai, Discover Dubai is back with its weekly dining deals guide to help you find the perfect indulgence.

Iftars You Cannot Miss In Dubai
Whether you seek to break your fast amidst the warmth of family and friends or wish to partake in the Ramadan spirit, Discover Dubai is here with an extensive guide to some of Dubai's amazing Iftar experiences.

Iftar Deals To Avail In Jumeirah, The Greens, Barsha Heights And Barsha
If you're seeking exceptional Iftar experiences in Jumeirah, The Greens, Barsha Heights And Barsha, your search ends here. Discover Dubai has curated a complete guide featuring a selection of outstanding Iftars for you to explore.

Iftar Deals To Avail In Outer Dubai
If you're seeking exceptional Iftar experiences in Outer Dubai areas like Jebel Ali, your search ends here. Discover Dubai has curated a complete guide featuring a selection of outstanding Iftars for you to explore.

Iftar Deals To Avail In Bur Dubai, Deira, Dubai Creek
If you're seeking exceptional Iftar experiences in Bur Dubai, Deira and Dubai Creek, your search ends here. Discover Dubai has curated a complete guide featuring a selection of outstanding Iftars for you to explore.

Iftar Deals To Avail In Palm Jumeirah
If you're seeking exceptional Iftar experiences in Palm Jumeirah, your search ends here. Discover Dubai has curated a complete guide featuring a selection of outstanding Iftars for you to explore. 

Iftar Deals To Avail In Dubai Marina, JBR And JLT
If you're seeking exceptional Iftar experiences in Dubai Marina, JBR, and JLT, your search ends here. Discover Dubai has curated a complete guide featuring a selection of outstanding Iftars for you to explore. 

Iftar Deals To Avail In Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay
If you're seeking exceptional Iftar experiences in Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai and Business Bay, your search ends here. Discover Dubai has curated a complete guide featuring a selection of outstanding Iftars for you to explore.

5 Free Deals Moms Can Avail In Dubai On Mother's Day
UAE Mother's Day is on 21 March and here are five free deals that mothers in Dubai can take advantage of on Mother's Day.

Foodies, Do Not Miss On These Dining Deals In Dubai
Check out Discover Dubai's curated list of dining offers to discover the latest culinary delights and experiences in Dubai's dynamic food scene.

These Are The Top Dining Deals Of The Week In Dubai
Discover Dubai is back with the top dining deals for the week; here's everything you must indulge in this week. 

Burj Al Arab Launches 24-Karat Gold Coffee With Camel Milk For Ramadan
Inside Burj Al Arab Tours invites residents and visitors alike to savour the opulence of Ramadan with a unique 24-Karat Gold Coffee infused with camel milk. 

Celebrate International Women's Day With These Dining Offers In Dubai
Celebrate International Women's Day on 8 March with your lovelies by availing some incredible offers in Dubai. Discover Dubai has curated the ultimate list of dining offers to celebrate the essence of womanhood.

Dining Deals In Dubai To Avail This Week
As we start a new week, if you're looking to treat yourself to brunches and lunches or try out new cuisines, Discover Dubai has got you covered with its weekly food guide.

Weekly Dining Deals In Dubai You Cannot Say No To
If you're eager to explore new and exciting culinary experiences, check out Discover Dubai's weekly dining guide for the best recommendations.

Delicious Dining Deals For The Week
Every new week in Dubai is an opportunity to indulge in new dining deals, try unexplored menus and explore culinary delights. If you enjoy discovering new deals and cuisines in Dubai, Discover Dubai has your back with its ultimate weekly food guide.

Ten To Try: Sushi
Offering burst of subtle flavours, Discover Dubai recommends these 10-places in Dubai to relish these shrimply adorable rolls. 

Dubai Dominates The Culinary Scene With Over 15 Restaurants on MENA's 50 Best 2024 List
50 Best has unveiled the latest edition of the Middle East and North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024 list, spotlighting the top culinary destinations in the region. Dubai stands out with more than 15 restaurants on the list.

Say YES To These Lip-Smacking Dining Deals In Dubai To This Week
Dubai always surprises us with its wide range of food options. Whether it's brunch options, new menus, or deals, there's something new to try every week.

Taste Of Dubai Announces New VIP Offerings
Taste of Dubai is back on 23 February, this time taking place at Skydive Dubai for the first time. The three-day festival, running from Friday, 23 to Sunday, 25 February, has introduced exciting new VIP experiences to tantalise your taste buds.

Asateer Tent To Return At Atlantis This Ramadan
Atlantis, The Palm has revealed the comeback of its renowned Asateer Tent for Ramadan 2024. The venue will offer an elegant yet modern look and feel with beautiful décor, stunning seafront seating and terrace options. 

On International Nutella Day - 5 Delicious Facts About Nutella That’ll Blow Your Mind
Nutella is like a jar of pure happiness that brings joy to everyone's life. Its popularity has soared over the years, turning into a snacking sensation with its very own designated day on 5 February each year.

Tasty Dining To Deals To Indulge In This Week
As a new week begins, Discover Dubai is back with its latest dining recommendations. Whether you're seeking food deals, brunch options, new launches, or more, this curated list has you covered for the week ahead.

Atlantis The Royal Launches Its First Ever Brunch
Jaleo by José Andrés, located in Atlantis The Royal, has launched a Saturday brunch, and you can make the most of it from 27 January between 1pm to 4pm. 

Treat Your Taste Buds With These Tasty Food Deals Of The Week
From dining deals to express lunches and new launches, your taste buds are definitely in for a treat. And if you are looking for new deals and launches, fret not; Discover Dubai has curated a food guide of the week for you. 

Dubai’s City Walk Gets A New Licensed Dining District ‘C2’
Foodies, we have news! Dubai just got a new licensed dining district at City Walk featuring tons of restaurants. Called C2, this dining district is spread over 25,000 sq feet and offers myriad cuisines with a touch of casual elegance.

Delicious Dining Deals You CANNOT Miss In Dubai This Week
As the new week commences, if you are looking for offers and deals in the city, Discover Dubai is here with its weekly food guide. 

Savour the Flavour: Your Guide To Some Of Dubai's Vegetarian Eateries
If you're looking for some delicious vegetarian and vegan options in Dubai, fret not, Discover Dubai has got you covered with the ultimate guide.

Ten To Try: Ramen
Ramen- flavourful and comforting noodle soup known for its rich broth, chewy noodles, and various toppings has become uber popular in the Emirate. And if you enjoy ramen, Discover Dubai recommends these 10 places in Dubai.

Unmissable Dining Deals To Avail In Dubai This Week
If you love trying different types of cuisines and food varieties in Dubai, Discover Dubai has curated the ultimate food guide of the week for you with the best deals and offerings. 

Top Dining Deals For A Flavourful Week In Dubai
Discover Dubai has your ultimate guide to kickstart the year with delightful dishes and enticing offers. From food specials to exclusive deals, discover everything Dubai has to offer in the first week of 2024. 

Delicious Dining Deals To Avail In Dubai This Week
Get ready for a culinary adventure with Discover Dubai's ultimate weekly food guide, bringing you the best deals in the Emirate. Dive into the holiday spirit and savour delicious meals while enjoying fantastic offers. 

Fantastic Places In Dubai To Celebrate New Year's Eve
If you're planning to celebrate New Year's Eve in Dubai with a fantastic dinner, complete with delicious dishes and festive vibes for a memorable culinary experience, Discover Dubai has you covered with the top recommendations.

Lip-Smacking Food Deals You Cannot Miss In Dubai This Week
Discover Dubai has curated the ultimate food guide for avid food enthusiasts seeking to savour the diverse flavours of Dubai while keeping an eye on deals and newly launched.

Enjoy Japanese Brunch With A Fortune Twist At Virgin Izakaya
Virgin Izakaya, located on Bluewaters Island, presents an innovative dining experience with its latest offering, the Fortune Omakase Brunch.

Delicious Deals To Avail In Dubai For The Week
As a new week begins, there are exciting dining offers to explore. If you love food and are always eager to find the latest dining deals and new restaurants in Dubai, you're in the right spot.

Ten To Try: Butter Chicken
If you're looking for the best butter chicken in Dubai, Discover Dubai has curated the ultimate guide for your gastronomic adventure.

Festive Brunches In Dubai To Celebrate The Season
Let Discover Dubai be your guide to the ultimate festive season experience, so gather your loved ones and savour the festive flavours that Dubai has to offer. 

Savour the Flavour: Top Dining Discounts In Dubai For A Week Of Gastronomic Bliss
For those looking to indulge in a week of delectable delights, Discover Dubai has curated the ideal guide for your culinary exploration.

Atlantis The Royal To Allow Non-Hotel Guests In Pool Club Cloud 22
Starting Monday, 4 December, outside guests will have the opportunity to access Cloud 22, the iconic sky pool offering breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai's captivating skyline, and the Arabian Gulf.

Dining Deal For The Week To Satisfy Your Cravings
If you're always looking for the latest food deals, your Genie Discover Dubai has got you covered! Here's your handy guide to delicious meals for the week.

Global Village Announces 30 New Food And Beverage Kiosks For Its Season 28
Global Village will host a variety of distinctive SME concepts situated in the brand-new Mini World, adjacent to Carnival. Each kiosk introduces its unique blend of flavours and cultural influences.

Dubai's Top Dining Deals For A Week Of Culinary Delights
If you're always searching for the latest dining deals, your Genie Discover Dubai is here to help! Check out this week's go-to food guide and make your days flavourful and fun.

Tasty Food Deals In Dubai For All You Foodies
At Discover Dubai, we've cooked up the ultimate feast of dining deals for the week. Whether it's sizzling new dishes or luxurious business lunch specials, this is sure to curb your craving for something fresh and fabulous!

Dining Deals You CANNOT Miss This Week
Discover Dubai has you covered with the ultimate weekly food guide, teeming with discounts and fresh culinary offerings to lift your spirits.

Ten To Try: Pizza
If your life motto is "eat, sleep, and repeat pizza," and the only love triangle you're interested in involves three slices of pizza, then Discover Dubai is here with the ultimate pizza guide in Dubai to keep your pizza cravings in check.

Savour The Flavors Of Middle East At These Middle Eastern Restaurants
From delectable kebabs to mouthwatering baklava, doner kebabs, mulukhiyah, and more, Middle Eastern cuisine offers tons of choices that will tantalize your taste buds.

Brew-tiful Dining Offers To Avail In Dubai This Week
Discover Dubai has curated the ultimate food guide just for you. These weekly dining deals will delight your taste buds, lift your spirits, and fill your belly with culinary delights.

Tempting Brunch Options in Dubai You Can't Afford to Miss
If you relish brunching in Dubai, look no further than Discover Dubai's comprehensive brunch guide.

Pretty Peas Dining Offers To Avail in Dubai
Discover Dubai has put together a comprehensive collection of the best dining offers available in Dubai for the week. So, keep reading because this one is sure to whet your appetite!

Ten To Try: Falafel
Delight in deep fried falafel at these restaurants in the UAE

Dining Deals For The Week To Satisfy Your Pocket And Tummy
Discover Dubai has got you covered with the best dining offers for the week. Look no further and check out these dining offers in Dubai, and we are sure your tummy, soul and pocket will thank us later.

Irresistible Dining Deals For The Week
From happy hours to set meal deals, Dubai offers food for every budget. And if you are on a constant lookout for dining offers in the Emirate, this round up is for you. 

Yummy-Licious Dining Offers For The Week
If you are on a constant lookout for great dining offers in Dubai, Discover Dubai has got you covered with the best offers for the week. These offers are lip-smacking and will make your heart glow and tummy smile.

Dining Deals To Ap-Peas The Tummy!
Delight in amazing dishes to make it a standout week

Relish In Delicious Flavours From South America!
Tasty South American flavours to enjoy in the UAE

Where To Watch The Rugby World Cup
Get Rugby World Cup ready this month

Ten To Try: Afternoon Tea
Amazing afternoon tea options to enjoy in the UAE

Celebrate Emirati Women's Day With Amazing Deals!
Mark Emirati Women's Day with brilliant offers

Dining Offers For A Peachy Week
Delicious dining offers to make this week a great one

Dining Offers That Will Leave You Wonton More!
Delicious offers to enjoy this week

Dining Offers to Beet The Summer Heat!
Delicious dining to enjoy this week

Dining That's Shrimply The Best!
Tuck into delicious dining offers this week

Catch The English Premier League At These Venues!
Join football fans of various teams to watch the thrilling English Premier League matches unfold at these venues

Ten To Try: Kunafa
Tuck into amazing kunafa options

A-Peeling Dining Offers For The Week!
Tasty dining offers to make the mouth water

Delicious Dining Options To Enjoy!
Tuck into a variety of dining choices this week

Dining Offers That Will Leave You Pining For More!
Deals that will surely leave diners wanting more

Dining Offers You Will Loaf!
Delicious dining to enjoy this week!

Celebrate World Chocolate Day!
Indulge in delicious sweet treats this week in celebration of World Chocolate Day

Dine At Dubai's MICHELIN Starred Restaurants
A brief look at the 14 restaurants that received one or two MICHELIN stars as part of the 2023 Dubai MICHELIN Guide

Taco-licious Dining Offers For The Week!
Tasty dining offers to enjoy this week!

Ten To Try: Shawarma
Amazing shawarma spots to try in the UAE

Fantastic Dining Offers To Enjoy
Amazing dining options to explore this Eid Al Adha

Two Dubai Restaurants Listed On World's 50 Best
Trèsind Studio and Orfali Bros Bistro are among the World's 50 Best Restaurants

One In A Melon Dining Options!
Dishes that are sure to make the mouth water this weekend!

Curry Up To Enjoy This Week's Dining Deals!
Amazing offers to delight in this week

Steak Restaurants That Meat Your Standards!
Enjoy amazing steaks whenever the craving sets in

Ten To Try: Biryani
Biryani that will make hearts skip a beat with happiness!

Flan-tastic Dining Deals To Enjoy!
Amazing offers to make the week worthwhile

Dining Deals You Carrot Miss Out On!
Amazing offers that are sure to make the week a delicious one

Celebrate International Burger Day In Dubai!
If you have to chose a day to enjoy a burger, then make it on International Burger Day!

Delight In Taste Of SLS This Weekend!
The event will be held for one-night-only on 27 May from 7pm to midnight

Second Dubai Michelin Guide Revealed
There are now a total of 14 Michelin starred restaurants in Dubai

Brie-lieve These Great Dining Deals!
Delicious options that will have everyone coming back for more!

Three New Bib Gourmand Restaurants Unveiled
Aamara, 21 Grams and 3Fils are the new additions to the Bib Gourmand

New Food Hall To Open In Dubai!
The food hall will open in December with 53 dining concepts and will be the largest in the Middle East

Say Jello To These Great Dining Offers!
Dining offers to make the mouth water

Turnip To These Amazing Dining Offers!
Delicious dishes to enjoy an amazing meal!

Ten To Try: Burger Restaurants
Delicious burger restaurants that are worth the hype!

Curry-licious Indian Restaurants To Try!
Scrumptious Indian dining that is sure to make the heart happy!

Brew-tiful Dining Options To Enjoy!
Amazing dining offers that are sure to make the mouth water

Egg-cellent Dining Spots To Try Out!
Delicious dishes to try out this week!

Cut The Cheese Straight To These Dining Spots!
Offers that are sure to make the stomach happy dance!

Dining Offers That Will Keep You Coming Back For More!
Delicious dining spots to enjoy in Dubai

Ten To Try: Roast Dinners
Amazing roast dinners to check out

REVIEW: Try Something Different At Iftar With Vimto Kunafa
Scrumptious dessert that will make your mouth water

Hop On Over To A Great Easter Celebration!
Delightful places to make this Easter a fun one for all

Dining Offers That Will Make You Wonton More!
Amazing dishes to enjoy this week

Amazing Iftars To Try In Dubai!
Unmissable Iftars that will take your tastebuds on a journey!

Iftars To Try Around Outer Dubai
Iftars to enjoy during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Iftars To Try Around Bur Dubai, Deira And Dubai Creek
Break your fast with these amazing Iftars

Iftars To Try Around Palm Jumeirah
Brilliant Iftars to enjoy this Ramadan

Cherry-fic Dining For The Week!
Amazing dishes to devour this week!

Vimto And Kunafa? Sign Us Up!
The limited edition dish by Allo Beirut will be available throughout Ramadan on Deliveroo

Make Your Heart Beet With These Dining Offers
Delicious offers to make this week a great one!

Dubai Food Festival Is Set To Return!
The 17-day festival will run from 21 April to 7 May

Dining Offers That Will Make You Hap-Pie!
Delicious dining options for the week!

Go Guava Over These Great Dining Deals!
Brilliant restaurants to check out this week!

First Look At Some Of The Upcoming Iftars!
Amazing Iftars to look forward to around Dubai!

Turkish Restaurants For The Win!
Delicious Turkish restaurants to enjoy!

High Time To Try These Amazing Dining Offers!
Amazing offers to try out this week!

All The Dining Options You Need Pho Real!
Tuck into these mouthwatering dining options this week

Drinks Galore With Centaurus International!
Get all your drinks from one spot!

Celebrate Valentine's Day In A Big Way!
From staycations to dining, here are amazing places to check out

Miami Vibes Food Festival Is Coming Back!
The festival will run from 10 to 24 February

Dining That Will Have You Cheesin'!
Delicious dining offers to enjoy!

Brunch The Weekend Away!
There is always time every week for brunch!

Tingle Your Tastebuds At Taste Of Dubai!
Walk in with an empty stomach, and walk out happy and full!

Make This Valentine's Day A Special One!
Make Valentine's Day a special one for you and your significant other!

Orfali Bros Bistro Named Best Restaurant In The MENA Region!
18 restaurants in the UAE are included in the best 50 list

Dining Offers You've Bean Waiting For!
Great dining options that will have your mouth watering with delight!

Chef Daniel Boulud To Host Two Nights Of Gala Dinner!
The two-night-only gala dinner will be held on 6 and 7 February

Dining Offers You Knead To Check Out!
Dining deals that are worth the wait!

Beau-tea-ful Dining To Make It A Special Week
Delicious dishes to try out!

Ice Cream Your Way To These Dining Offers!
Amazing dishes to try out this week

Dining Offers That Are Sure To Be The Icing On The Cake!
Delicious dining offers for the New Year!

Treat Yourself At These Amazing Restaurants!
Don't let the festive season food treats end!

Dining Offers That Will Keep You On Your Toes
Great spots to enjoy a delicious meal

Doughtnut Worry And Enjoy These Amazing Dining Spots
Delicious dining options to enjoy!

Party This New Year In A Big Way!
Get ready to party into next year!

Dining Offers You Corn Not Miss Out!
Amazing spots to check out this week!

Dining You Will Like Berry Much!
Make the most out of the National Day holidays!

Rachel's Iconic Thanksgiving Dessert At Hampstead Bakery And Cafe!
The Joey-approved dessert is sure to let your tastebuds go on a journey

It's Thyme To Dine!
Places to check out this week!

Raise The Bar This World Cup!
Get ready to see which team wins the cup!

Eric Lanlard Is Coming To Taste Of Dubai!
Kibsons International will also be a sponsor of the event

Enjoy Captivating Views At These Rooftop Bars
Great places to check out as the weather gets cooler

LPM Restaurant And Bar Is Back With A Bang!
The restaurant will be open again from 15 November onwards

Restaurants That Are A Matcha Made In Heaven!
Amazing spots to try out this week!

Lewis Hamilton Backed Burger Restaurant Opens
The restaurant is located at Dubai Mall at the level 2 food court

ADRIFT Burger Bar Is Back In Dubai!
The pop-up store is running for six weeks at the Rove Expo 2020 Hotel

Say Cheese And Tuck In With This Week's Dining!
Treat yourself to delicious food this week!

Dining Spots That Don't Get Feta Than This!
Delight in scrumptious dishes

Time To Get Brunchin'!
There is always time every week for brunch!

Egg-cellent Places To Dine At This Week!
Amazing restaurants that are a must-visit!

Par-tea Your Way To These Amazing Restaurants!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner covered!

Amazing Middle Eastern Restaurants To Check Out!
Middle Eastern dining for the win!

Dining Offers To Try Out This Week
Satisfy all your weekly cravings!

Happy International Coffee Day!
Spend the day with a delicious cup of coffee

Ketchup With Friends Over These Dining Offers
Worthwhile dining for the week ahead

Curry Your Way Through This Week!
Dining to get you through the week

Dance Your Way To These Amazing Restaurants!
Enjoy these amazing picks this week

Opa! 1 September is National Gyros Day!
Gyros is one of the staple street food dishes across Greece and the Greek Islands

Taco Yourself Down To These Amazing Restaurants!
Delight in flavours that are sure to take you on a journey across South America.

Dining Offers To Crab Your Attention
Dining options to keep your heart and stomach happy!

Enjoy Great Dining This Week
Delicious dining offers for the week

Start The Week With Good Food!
Tuck into some amazing meals at restaurants in Dubai

Roll Into The Week With Great Dining Choices!
To sushi or to definitely sushi?

Dine At A-Maize-Ing Restaurants This Week
There is always something new to try in Dubai!

Take In The Tastes Of Greece
Enjoy the food that makes you go OPA!

Exquisite French Dining At La Voile Rouge
Tuck into delicious French Mediterranean cuisine

Delicious Dining Places To Check Out
Try out some of these great places this week

Places To Dine For The Upcoming Week!
Great dishes to try to make it through the busy work week

Amazing Places To Check Out This Week
Enjoy delicious dishes to try

A Look At The Michelin Starred Dubai Restaurants
Renowned restaurants holding Michelin stars

Michelin Guide Rating In Dubai Announced
11 restaurants have received Michelin stars in Dubai

Amazing Dishes To Try!
Tasty dishes to try!

Great Places For Father's Day Dining!
Spend the day celebrating your the father of the family!

Great Places To Enjoy Dining At This Week!
Dishes to try out this week!

Amazing Indian Restaurants To Try!
Delight in scrumptious Indian soul food!

Great Places To Enjoy Food And Drinks This Week
Enjoy time with friends and family at these dining hotspots!

New Dining Offers To Enjoy
New week, new dining options!

Offers To Get You Dining Around Dubai
Delicious places to dine this week

Restaurants To Try Out
Delicious restaurants to try out this week

Great Places To Dine At This Week
Great places to try out this week

The Dubai Food Festival Is Here!
The festival will be held from 2 to 15 May

Tasty Dining This Eid!
Amazing places to try this Eid holiday!

Delicious Restaurants To Dine At
Spring menus and brunches to try

Delicious Dining Places To Try
From brunch, business lunch to plant based roast, here's some tasty food choices to try out this week!

Unique Beach Dining Experiences At The Club
The Club will be home to nine different concepts, with SAN Beach now open to the public

Enjoy Easter In Dubai
Celebrate Easter with family and friends!

Dishes To Try This Week
Some new restaurants to try and special Easter lunches

New Dining Options In Dubai!
The places to visit and the dishes to try this week!

Iftars To Try Around Dubai
Check out these delicious Iftars to enjoy this Ramadan with friends and family

Tasty Dining For The Week
Meals to try out this week

Michelin Guide To Launch In Dubai
The guide will launch in June

88 TERRACE To Open In Dubai!
The venue launches on 1 April

Dining Offers To Try In Dubai
Delicious meals to get you through the week!

Time For Some Dining Offers This Week
Scrumptious meals to dig into!

Tasty Dishes To Try In Dubai
New offers and special themes to try out this week!

Spend The Weekend Brunchin'!
Spend the weekend with a great brunch offer!

A Round Up Of Dubai's Dining Offers
New places to try out and new menus to taste over the week!

Food To Try Out
Treats to keep you going through the week

SaturDAZE At The Creek: A Great Way To End A Saturday
What a way to spend a Saturday night!

Dine Around Dubai This Week
Great dining spots to check out

Great Places For Valentine's Day Dining
Places to go on this Valentine's Day

3 Fils Named Best Restaurant In MENA Region
The UAE had 19 restaurants on the list

Dining Offers To Try In Dubai
Delicious meals to try!

Dining Offers To Start Off The New Year
Tasty places with new offers to try out

Dining Choices For The Last Week Of The Year
Explore new menus this week

Dining Offers To Tempt You This Week
Our round up of places definitely worth dining at.

Get Ready For A Great Meal On The 25th!
Great places to get that delicious Christmas Day meal in Dubai

New Dining Options To Try Out
Delicious dishes, new places and special themes to try in this week

Great Dining Spots Around Dubai
Delicious dishes, new menus and new restaurants to try out

Special Dining Offers For The Upcoming UAE National Day
Delicious treats definitely worth trying this week and over the long weekend

Great Dining Offers To Try
Enjoy delicious meals around Dubai

Enjoy A Night Out Al Fresco
Delight in some delicious meals while enjoying the amazing weather

Dining Choices To Try Out This Week
A round up of new menus, new outlets and new themes to tempt you!

Dining Offers Including Diwali And World Vegan Day
Delicious meals to definitely try out!

Halloween Dining To Lift Your Spirits
Get ready to trick and treat in some delicious food

Dining Delights To Tempt You Out
Try something new this week!

This Weeks Dining Options Around Dubai
Delight in the variety of tastes in Dubai

20 Places To Dine At Expo 2020
Delight in a range of different cuisines at Expo 2020

Dining Offers To Try Out In Dubai
Dining offers around Dubai that are worth checking out this week

Start The Weekend With A Brunch At Expo 2020
The brunch will offer views of Al Wasl Plaza

Dining Options Around Dubai
Delicious dishes to try out!

Where Will You Brunch On The Weekend?
Here's a pick of just some of the brunches to enjoy with family and friends

Dining Out Offers For You To Try
Delicious meals at delicious places.

A Look At Just Some Of The Dining Specials Around Dubai
New places and new offers to check out

New Dining Offers Around Dubai
Places to check out around Dubai

Chinese Restaurants To Check Out In Dubai
For times when you are looking for some delicious Chinese food

Dining Offers To Check Out
From lunch to brunch and a hot new burger bar. Here's a pick of some of the dining options around Dubai.

Enjoy Awesome Food And Great Deals At DSS Summer Restaurant Week
Restaurant week will run from 11 August to 21 August

Breakfast Spots Around Dubai To Try Out
Kick start the day with delicious food

Euro 2020 Is On, Here Are Some Places To Watch It In Dubai
Some great places with great deals to soak in the atmosphere of the European Championship games

All New Vegetarian Menu At TGI Fridays
13 new dishes added to the menu to cater for vegetarians

New Protein Ice Cream Pots From Brooklyn Creamery
Tasty ice cream that is lower in fat and calories and high in protein.

Enjoy Delicious Burgers On International Burger Day
Celebrate International Burger Day the only way possible!

Friday Fiesta's At ZOCO
Enjoy Cinco De Mayo the right way!

Iftar Meals To Enjoy Around Dubai
Share in delicious Iftar meals this Ramadan

Working Special At The Rose And Crown
Fun option if you are still working from home

Easter Weekend Is Here
Lots of things to do this Easter with friends and family!

Dubai Food Festival Is Back With Restaurant Week
Dine at some of the best restaurants for less

Recipe For Mum On Mother's Day: Avocado Toast
Avocado toast for your leading lady

Celebrate Mother’s Day With Afternoon Tea
A special treat to share with your mother

11 Desserts To Try Out In Dubai
For the days when you need a sugar pick me up!

Weetabix And Baked Beans
Will you be one to try it out?

Valentine's Day Dining And Special Getaways
Celebrate Valentine's Day the right way.

Christmas Meals In Dubai
Looking for some dining treats for Christmas? Here is a round up of just one ideas for the festive period.

Recipe: A Favourite Indian Street Food, Vada Pav
Looking to try something new and tempting with your evening tea? Let's try a favourite food from Indian streets, Vada Pav. Fried potato ball stuffed ina bun with delicious chutneys is one of the most simple yet heavenly foods ever being created.

Recipe: Thai Chicken Coconut Soup
During the holy month of Ramadan, food has an important significance in bringing families and friends together as they break their fast for Iftar. Known for its delicious flavours and fragrant aromas, Thai dishes are usually light and easy to prepare

Hello Summer! Recipe For Garudiya, A Traditional Maldivian Soup
As summer eases its way into the region, Soneva Fushi's Chef Sobah shares his delicious island recipes guaranteed to fill your home with tropical aromas and flavours.

Recipe: Paneer Tikka Kati Roll by Masterchef India Winner
Are you craving for some spicy and tangy food? A Kati Roll? Well now you can crave no more and get cooking our own with this fantastic recipe we have brought for Paneer Tikka.

Recipe: Mango Chia Seeds Pudding From @fussfree
A quick to prepare and tasty mango chia seed recipe from a Dubai resident and blogger will leave you wanting some more of it.

REVIEW: Iftar At Home With Ramadan Nights From Dish
Iftar At Home has taken on a whole new significance this year as more people stay home and more places offer a full Iftar menu delivered to their dining table.  

Recipe: Quinoa Cookies For Kids
Children today consume a lot of pre-packed foods. Their morning breakfast generally starts with cereals which are loaded with saturated fat and unwanted sugar, they usually snack on packed biscuits, protein bars or a glass of bottled juice

Recipe: Cook Irish Food At Home Just Like From McGettigan's
We are back with a recipe from one of the top Irish pubs in Dubai. So, until you cannot hit your favourite sports bar, get a bit closer to the place by cooking their favourite dishes at home with recipes straight from the chef's kitchen. 

Recipe: You Can Now Cook Peri-Peri Prawns From Tribes At Home
Many of us are trying our innate cooking skills these days. Here's a chance to try one of your favourite restauarant dishes at home with a recipe from the restaurant itself.

Dining Offers This Month
New menus, new restaurants and new offers ... the new year starts with a heap of new options across Dubai's ever evolving dining scene. Looking for something different? Take a look at just some of what is new this month to get you tempted.

Eating Out Can Still Be Healthy
Going on a diet as part of your new year’s resolution to loose that flabby tummy, but love eating out? In Dubai you do not to miss out on eating out, even if you are on diet. Dubai’s versatile food industry is out and about to serve the health

Social by Heinz Beck at Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah
World-renowned, 3-star Michelin Chef Heinz Beck brings contemporary Italian dining to Dubai. Featuring inviting design elements and offering innovative contemporary Italian cuisine, Social by Heinz Beck offers a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere

At.mosphere has introduced a new breakfast menu
Start your day on top of the world.

5 places to have steak tonight
And it won’t be a ‘mis-steak’.

3 things foodies must try in Dubai
Discover the local cuisine.

5 places to get ramen in Dubai
Chopsticks at the ready.

Ladies' nights in Dubai
Celebrate every night of the week.

3 places to get frozen yoghurt
Your post-dinner treat sorted.

Flow serves breakfast until 4pm
Reason to stay in bed longer.

5 cuisines to try at City Walk
So much food, so little time.

This brunch was made for men
Sorry ladies, you might need to find something else to do.

5 places in Dubai that nail latte art
Because a regular cup of coffee won’t do.

What is Ramadan?
Here’s some of our favourites places to break the fast.

Chill out days and nights!
Looking for somewhere to relax and chill out while enjoying delicious food? Here's our pick...

Emirati restaurants to try in Dubai
Try out local cuisine


In an interview with Discover Dubai, Chef Fernando Ray Golfarine, the esteemed head chef at Fogueira Restaurant and Lounge, Delta Hotels by Marriott Jumeirah Beach, shares insights into his culinary expertise rooted in Brazil’s rich gastronomy.

Discover Dubai recently had the opportunity to hear from the skilled chef Lesti Utari Budi Hastuti from the renowned Purani Dilli restaurant, located in Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road and Four Points by Sheraton Bur Dubai.

Chef's Corner: Thomas Papas
celebrity chefs
Discover Dubai recently had the opportunity to interview the skilled chef Thomas Papas from the renowned Zenon restaurant in Dubai. This Mediterranean restaurant with Asian Fusion is situated at Address Dubai Mall Hotel Lobby Level in Downtown Dubai.

In conversation with Chef Roberto Segura

With an eye-catching skyline, a serene desert landscape or the mesmerising Arabian Gulf, choosing a restaurant with a view to satisfy all moods is not an issue in Dubai, but what if that impressive and captivating view was indoors?

In conversation with Chef Miguel Huelamo Estrada

Tuck into a fusion of tasty flavours from Central Asia and Uzbekistan at the newly opened OSH Del Mar

In conversation with Chef Bojan Cirjanic 

Delicious Japanese flavours that will have people constantly coming back for more

Tuck into delicious Creole dishes at the newly opened restaurant, SMOKD Eatery

Unveiled in February 2010, the Burj Khalifa stands 828 metres high - 320 metres taller than Taipei 101 which held the record since 2004. The Burj Khalifa currently holds seven records, including the highest occupied
The UAE is surrounded by two bodies of water, both offering different diving experiences. Dubai is good for shipwrecks, which are home to Barracuda, Snappers and Jacks, with common
A 'must do' when in Dubai.
Since its opening in December 1999, the Burj Al Arab has been one of the most photographed structures in the world. Sometimes referred to as "the world's most luxurious hotel
The Dubai Fountain was designed by California-based WET, the creators of the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, and is 275 metres long with five circles and two central arcs. Over
Take a magic carpet ride across rolling red sand dunes, with an amazing bird's eye view of the untouched desert below.
Discover Dubai has put together the best things to do guide to make sure you have an amazing weekend. Read on and add these events to your weekend plans.
Dubai is known as the go-to destination for all things trendy and exciting. As the weekend approaches, if you're looking to discover the hottest events and concerts in the city, Discover Dubai has got you covered with its things-to-do guide.
Some last weekend of the month fun!
Make this May a special one with Disney Concerts!
The event will run from 27 to 29 May
The festival will be held till 16 October
More chefs announced to appear and 15 top restaurants confirmed.
Things to do this weekend when bored!
No plans? We've got you covered!
Delight in up to 50% to 80% off discounts on books for 10 days
The concert will be held on 8 June at Coca-Cola Arena
The festival will run from 12 to 21 May around Dubai
The concert will be held on 20 November
To honour the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon, Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment has introduced a variety of thrilling events, entertaining attractions, and retail specials happening throughout the city this week. 
Tickets for GameExpo and GameExpo Summit are now on sale. The events will take place between 1 to 5 May.
Top things to do in Deira, Garhoud and Al Muteena.
Time for some laughs with the Laughter Factory!
Attention parents! Dubai is hosting the Middle East's first-ever Baby Expo, a global event focused on babies, toddlers, and maternity.
The concert will be held on 4 February 2023 at Coca-Cola Arena
The festival runs until May 2023
The concert will be held on 19 February on the Main Stage
The 11th edition of Etisalat MOTB kicks off today, running from 5 to 14 January 2024. As the flagship alternative of the Dubai Shopping Festival, this free-to-enter event at Dubai Design District (d3) is a hub of creativity and design.
Activities to check out this weekend
The event will be held from 16 to 18 December
The event will be held on 27 February
Dubai-ites brace yourselves as Ski Dubai is set to host the second edition of the Festive Fun Run on Saturday, 9 December. Taking place at Ski Dubai within the Mall of the Emirates, this -4°C race event boasts a delightful visit from Santa Claus.
Time for some weekend excitement!
Top things to do in Jumeirah 1,2,3, Beach Road, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim, Al Sufouh, Palm Jumeirah
Discover Dubai has listed some of the events happening around Dubai that will help you plan your weekend in the best way possible. 
Katherine Ryan, the famous Canadian comedian, and Laughtrip, a popular troupe from the Filipino comedy scene led by Alex Calleja, are all set to perform at Dubai Comedy Festival.
The festival will run for ten days from 12 to 21 May
Get ready for a magnificent display!
The LOADED live concert at The Irish Village in Al Garhoud will see performances from Dodgy, Toploader, Stereo MC and Fun Lovin' Criminals on 4 November
His Excellency Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council officially opens Dubai Sports World, which offers over 40 courts and pitches for multiple sports, that runs until 10 September
Things you can do for New Year's Eve.
The festival will be held from 9 to 11 December
The one and only Busta Rhymes, the legendary American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, is set to take the stage as the headliner on Sunday, 10 December.
Elrow Dubai XXL has officially announced the headline act of the event. Yep, you read that right! Iconic DJ Fisher, known for his stage presence and infectious beats, is all set to headline the event. 
The event will be held from 29 October to 27 November
If you enjoy watching fireworks light up the sky, here are five spots in Dubai where you can enjoy these free-to-attend displays during Eid. 
The event will be held from 8 to 13 March
A free yoga event will be held on Wednesday, 21 June at Danube Sports World for International Yoga Day
Top things to do in Downtown Dubai, DIFC, Business Bay, Al Meydan and Dubai Design District
The artist will perform on 3 December
The multisensory experience will be available to the public from 23 September
This year's edition will run from 1 to 6 February
Are you missing travelling and exploring new places? Even with us being confined to our homes, you can still keep discovering new places through complimentary virtual tours arranged by digital platform Google Arts and Culture.
Three shows will be held at L'Alliance Française and at Skylight at Arjaan By Rotana
The show is divided into three sections highlighting the work of each artist
Delight in unending giggles with a great lineup of Mike Marino, Laura Hayden and Robby Slowik
Amazing activities to enjoy this weekend!
The event will be held on 4 November
Here's to an amazing weekend!
The ice show will be held on 6 and 7 January 2023 at Coca-Cola Arena
The run will be held on 19 March from 7.30am
The 12th edition of Sikka Art and Design Festival, held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, will take place from 23 February to 3 March.
The lightsaber will be on display till 31 March at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium
If you're seeking weekend fun in Dubai, and don't know what to do, worry not, Discover Dubai is back with the ultimate guide that'll help you make the most of the upcoming weekend. 
Comedian to make his Dubai debut in March.
Prepare for an unforgettable musical journey as the legendary American R&B group Boyz II Men, comprising Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, and Shawn Stockman, return to Dubai on 28 April.
Time to break out the fun shoes for this weekend!
Cinema Akil is hosting the global film festival, Il Cinema Ritrovato, for the first time in the Middle. The film festival will take place between 15 and 21 September and is in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute Abu Dhabi.
Are you looking for fun weekend things in Dubai? Discover Dubai has you covered with its ultimate guide to the city's best events. From concerts to shows and more, we provide all the details you need to enjoy your time in Dubai to the fullest. 
Dubai-ites get ready to be spooked as Dubai Parks and Resorts is all set to turn into a haunted wonderland from 30 September for six chilling weeks.
Time to get ready for some weekend fun!
Exciting events to definitely check out this week!
Fun events to check out in Dubai!